Who says concrete costs less than pavers?

Correct concrete pouring costs a more than paver installation.

In my previous blog I promised to share with you the wrong concept of concrete deficiencies.

As a matter of fact, we can not judge any phenomenon based on it’s name without defining the specification of the subject under study. It is totally wrong if we think concrete is cheaper than paver, or it cracks in short time. In other word a properly poured concrete does not crack, but it is more expansive than paver that has numerous advantages beside the fact that it never cracks.

Let’s present some evidences: in all high rises structure one of the major element is concrete, but they do not crack, or some parts of highways which are concrete, they also do not crack. The reason is the accuracy of procedure and workmanship.

A better evidence is the fact that, since in building permits it is required to do some substantial procedure in pouring concrete slab (like minimum %90 compaction, water proofing the land before pouring the concrete, etc.) the problem is minimal, though not entirely solved, which depend on the quality of applied workmanship.

If you are pouring concrete on a driveway properly it may cost you more than $25.00 plus per square foot, but it does not crack, unless there is a serious natural earth movement, or big root trees lift the concrete .

How to install pavers and concrete.

This is the proper way to install paver and concrete, it is good time to mention here that almost all paver installers do what I explain here, but landscapers do not when they install concrete just because they want to make cheap work with cheap price, but they do not release this fact to their customers to get the job.

If you are going to have a good driveway, in both cases:

Concrete installation:

A- the contractors should remove minimum 8 inches of the earth,

B- the ground should be compacted to minimum % 90

C- spread 10 mi.polyvinyl plastic to water proof the land

D-spread 2″ sand on the plastic

E- install reinforcing bar( rebar) 18″ apart from both sides, 3″ space between sand and rebar

F- pour hi PSI concrete with fiber mesh.

G – water it 24 hours after pouring for a week minimum, preferred a month.

Paver for a driveway:

A- Remove 8″ of the dirt

B- compact the ground %90

C- spread 6″ class 2 road base and compact it it to %90 plus .

D- install the paver

E- spread polymer sand on the installed paver and compact the paver to set firmly and

Interlock to each other.

F- sweep the extra sand and blow the remaining sand completely .

G- wash the paver and enjoy it

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