Types of Concrete Pavers

Pavers are manufactured in two ways. The traditional is “brick manufacturing style “. The moist aggregate mixed with cement are pressed in a cast-iron molding. Though the optimized strength of cement products happens through chemical hydration process of cement that contain lime in it , this method has a small chance for chemical process. Due to the pressing process, they are very solid and strong.

The next method is precast concrete paver. Mixture of aggregate, cement and water is hand cast in special molding. After 24 hours they are demolded, and then after 28 days they are ready to be used.
The second method has a lot of options for surface texture.

San Diego county Builders, Inc. is the pioneer in San Diego county to manufacture hand cast concrete with high end quality for more than 12 years. This type of paver can be made in larger size to pattern it like Versailles pattern, or any other complicated desired pattern.
We will keep providing information about how Pavers interlock, how they are installed and about the advantage of Pavers verses other option

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