How to save water: Transform your front and backyard into water smart landscapes.

It has been known that San Diego, as well as the rest of California is in a serious drought.  This problem we are facing as southern Californians can be matched by decreasing your need of irrigation on your property landscaping.  It is known that lawns and certain brushes need high volumes of water to look beautiful and green. A lawn alone can be estimated to cost an additional $400 annually.


There are certain ways to keep your backyard landscape looking beautiful, while cutting down on your water consumption. Some projects incorporate the use of desert shrubs that will use less water than the usual lawn. These desert shrubs can adapt to the changing temperatures, while utilizing a minimal amount of water. These plants may lower your maintains cost, as well as transform your landscape into a eco-friendly environment, both appealing to the eye, as well as your wallet. Popular choices include California wildflowers and southwest regional plants like cactus or other plant succulents. . For more information about backyard remodeling or sustainable landscaping, please visit


The City of San Diego has implemented new legislation that are known as packages. These packages may lead to rebates. It is important to know that your home project must obey guidelines and qualifications to receive the discount. The County of San Diego wants all qualifications done before any rebates are distributed.


San Diego landscaping ideas could include a range of sustainable landscaping projects. Some projects include smart irrigation technology that can be modified to specific modes for certain plants. Landscaping often can be used to modify your homes cost, such as turf replacement. Popular ideas in replacing your unwanted lawn include patios and barbeque pits that using pre-casted pavers. Other ideas include fire pits and gazebos as the center design landscape idea. These pavers could inspire other creative landscape projects. For more information about backyard remodeling or sustainable landscaping, please visit

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