San Diego Pavers

San Diego county builders production line manufactures, locally the highest end quality hand cast paver in San Diego, known as San Diego Pavers. They are manufactured in three sizes: 16″x16”, 8″x16”, 8”x8”.

San Diego Pavers are 2.5″ thick in variety of colors based on Davis Concrete Color chart. We welcome customers who desire to have custom color order. San Diego Pavers with custom color can be manufactured in a short period of time, and delivered locally.

San Diego county builders is manufacturing and installing this product more than 10 years here in San Diego. San Diego Pavers can be installed in different variety of pattern, mostly with 8″x8″ size pavers border around the paver area, that gives a perfect and beautiful finished characteristics to our installation.

No machine made product can have the beauty of one by one hand made product that brings the beauty of natural accent to San Diego Pavers.

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