Pro’s and Con’s: Pavers stacking up to the Traditional Concrete Patio

If you are planning on redesigning your patio or upgrading your home’s landscaping, choosing the right material isn’t always a walk in the park. Concrete can be vulnerable to the environment, often cracking under strained weather conditions. Interlocking paver slabs are designed to last longer and over time keep you home value up. In this article, we will be comparing the benefits of pavers slabs to the traditional concrete patio. It is clear that pavers are the better choice if you are looking for quality and durability.

  • Concrete Pro’s:
    Concrete can be installed in many ways and in large dimensions. Mixing and installing your own concrete walk ways or patio doesn’t require many tools or skills, making it easier to attempt by do it yourself-ers.
  • Concrete¬†Con’s:
    Concrete is vulnerable to the elements, such as water and temperature. Concrete is difficult to un-install. The texture of the concrete slab will eventually fade away.
  • Pavers Pro’s:
    Repairs are typically easier then other choices, each paver can be popped out and re-installed making them easier to replace. Water runs through the pavers, making runoff more natural and less harmful to the environment. Pavers, when installed correctly, have a contemporary design, often raising your home value. Pavers come in many sizes and designs, such as block paver, stone pavers, and concrete pavers. Pavers often can be found at around the same price as other traditional paving methods. If pavers are maintained correctly, the effects of weathering will significantly decrease, making them durable and preserving their color for years to come.
  • Pavers Con’s:
    Weeds and other vegetation can be grow between pavers. If not installed correctly, different colored pavers can make a driveway or patio blotchy and unequal. If not installed correctly, pavers can become uneven.

Installing pavers can be a great investment for your home. It will have a lasting impression and leave your patio or driveway looking elegant, without sacrificing durability. Pavers come in different sizes and colors, tailoring to the customers wants and needs. If you are looking for lasting quality, pavers are an excellent choice for any landscaping project. Pouring concrete is more ideal easier for do it yourself-ers. Also, concrete does not need professional installation.

Knowing your landscaping goals is important for your own property management. For professional installment of a wide variety of pavers blocks and paver designs in San Diego county, visit or call us at 858-405-7284.

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