Interlocking Concrete Pavers Installation

The way that San Diego county builders Inc installs it’s high end quality locally manufactured Pavers by it’s exclusive production team is beyond proficiency. Before presenting our technique it is important to talk about the most effective factor in paver, concrete, asphalt installation, that can lead the installation final product to the highest point of workmanship, which is COMPACTION.

It is interesting to know that most contractors believe compacting machine can compact the floor with maximum sufficiency, which is not true, even the heaviest compacting machines can’t not compact the land thicker than about one foot, that is why in free way construction the roadbed is compacted in several layers,

Water compaction can compact more than twenty feet deep, if applies several times in a proper Timely manner.

You can see natural effect of water compaction in nature, where ever the water puddles in an area, the earth snick enormously that depends on the density of the soil. This process can not be applied in free way compaction, because of the vast area , but in a small area, like a back yard it works quite well.

What San Diego County Builders, Inc. does?

1- If the density of the soil is poor,in a an area, after rough grading, a thin layer of class tow road base is spread on the designated area, to prevent any messy condition after the area is soaked several times for several days, it depend on the soil density condition.

2- The next step is compacting with machine, the thin layer of Class tow road base, prevent mud sticking to machine and the ground remains clean.

3-  After this step, a four to six inch of  class tow road base is installed as even as possible and compacted with the selected compacting machine.

4- Using few straight metal pipe on the top of about an inch soft sand installed on the top of compacted road base the final elevation and proper slope will be set. The metal pipes facilitate to slide off the extra sand evenly and gives us a perfect uniform level area ready to install the Pavers.

5-  After installation of paver and finishing the trimming cuts, we frame the whole area with cement band all around. (some people set the border pieces of paver on cement,but when they vibrate the sand on the top of paver most of border pieces come off)

After setting the border cement some polymeric joint sand will be spread on the top of installed Pavers . With vibrating compacting  plate the joint are filled with polymeric sand that interlocks the paver. in polymeric sands grain the weed seeds do not grow.

6- Extra sand is brooked off the surface, and with a blower the detail cleaning is completed.

7- At this stage we water the paver and the polymeric joint San to get hard.

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