Paver Installation

1- The perspective area assigned to be paved by San Diego Pavers should be graded minimum 6″ below the desired finished grade.

2- Minimum 4″ of class two (2) road base is installed, then graded with proper necessary slope, and compacted for installation by San Diego Pavers.

3- Spread about 1” of bedding sand to create the proper sloping needed. Now the pavers are ready to be installed. After the San Diego Pavers are installed and all the trim is cut, borders are going to be framed with cement to prevent any disfiguration. Joint sand is applied and compacted with vibrator blade after the borders are secured.

4- The next process is to broom and air-blow the extra sand for cleaning. Pavers will be spayed with water to actuate the hydration chemical process of joint sand to reinforce the interlocking pavers.

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