Country Manor Keystone sitting wall by San Diego Pavers and Turf

Beautiful Keystone wall by Orco.

Best Quality Retaining Wall Blocks or Landscape Retaining Wall Blocks by San Diego Pavers and Turf.

This Keystone Concrete Compact Retaining Wall Block provides a set of natural looking split-face building blocks for your outdoor hardscape projects.


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  1. Orco Block and Hardscape has been serving for over 70 years bring their customers high quality products and outstanding customer service. They are a leading manufacturer of concrete masonry units, concrete paving stones, segmental retaining wall units, specialty mortars, outdoor fireplace units, and natural stone in Southern California. This retaining wall that brings a rustic feel to your landscape will do the job for any of your projects. Whether you want a fire place, wall, or stairs this can satisfy any of your wants. Keystone country manor can be free-standing, a two-sided accent wall, or a retaining wall. There are many different colors to choose from to properly fit in with your yard.


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