Concrete vs Pavers

When I started to work as a contractor I had been told that the landscaping and outdoor concrete cracks (spall or get concrete cancer). That was and still is the common sense of most of contractors, because of the fact that they can not see any concrete without cracks if it is not brand new, that is why paver installation is pushing out
the concrete paving, as years ago concrete dominated asphalt.
When I studied about these concrete deficiencies I realized that this concept is wrong.
In my next blog I share with you the reason that a good concrete pouring procedure costs, my be, twice as much as paver installation.
Though the quality and the advantages of paver comparing to concrete are undeniable for everybody, but still some people do not use pavers to pave their backyard, driveway and so forth,  just because the price of paver might be just a tiny more than concrete paving.
Paver can be repaired if the neighboring trees elevate the pavers, even by the home owner or a little money he pays to a contractor.
If a pipe breaks under the paver it can be repaired with a little money in short time.
Paver is a wise investment with good added value to the property.
Paver is beautiful with a lot of varieties and design.
Pavers are environmentally friendly ( rom different point of views) They are made by recycled aggregate. Pavers send the rain water to the under ground water table.
Paver can be removed from one location and be installed in a new project.

Unlike paver concrete does not have any advantage of pavers. If a pipe breaks under the driveway or walk way, or a tree root raises the surface, or any spall happens, the only solution is to demolish it load it and dump it and again poor it. Of course it will happens again and again. Just think about the main reason some people install concrete instead of pavers which is the price, but at the end of the day they pay more to have cracked concrete in their property, with repair needed.
Unlike pavers concrete send the rain water to storm drain that cause a lot of impact to the city.

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