California Pavers vs Concrete

Interlocking Pavers interlock with neighboring unit. Interlocking paver known as segmental paver has emerged over last few decades in the USA, as an alternative to concrete paving, brick paving and clay paving like Spanish tile, with better quality comparing all other options. Interlocking Pavers have been used for thousands of years, Romans built roads with segmental Pavers, they still exist. Just compare Pavers longevity with life time of pour in place concrete that can not be longer than, in average, 2 to 3 years before they crack and become distorted.

In 1940s Pavers came to an optimized and better quality when they were produced out of
concrete. In areas like Netherlands or California and similar zoning that lands are below or equal sea water level, pour in place concrete is not a good choice. Due to flexibility of land, and earth movement concrete cracks. That is why you can not see any concrete without crack unless they have been poured recently.

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