Pavers for patio and driveway.

San Diego pavers, a new horizon in paver and paver installation:

What is the most important and contradictory factor in precast paver installation.

If I had the ability and effect I would not let anybody to pour concrete in the patios, driveways , anything other than foundation items including the slab.

But it is not really simple to do that, you may be surprised if you find out that a high accurate poured concrete like patios or slabs are going to be more expensive than installing the same area with paver.

What is the proper of way of pouring Concret?

There are a lot of important steps in installation of concrete that are common in both concrete and pavers like :

1- before doing any thing San Diego county builders inc check the area to see if it has expansive soil,  be accurate , I may say the majority of companies never do that even some of them are not aware or the power of expansive soil, it can ruin your property, even lift substantially the whole building,  breaks under grand plumbing including drainage, gas pipe, water pipe and similar items,

2- compaction is another factor, San Diego county builders Inc. is totally concern about 90 percent compaction of the proposed area either in paver installation or concrete pouring,

This compaction not only should reach %90 density, but also the uniformity of compaction all over the are should be taken to account.

The other factor is the uniformity of soil should be the same. If you are paving an area that some part is sand some part is clay ( not uniform ) I promise after a while you will see the sand area is sinking.

For sure we should mix different parts of soil together to creat a uniform soil texture and consequently have uniform compaction quality.

Did you know the best compactor like walk – behind heavy duty compactor can compact less than a foot while if you water the area , after rough grading, it may compact 20′ deep, but the safest and efficient way is to combine both. After watering few days, splash a thin layer of sand or gravel, and then compact the area good enough to reach the targeted compaction.

3- water proofing the soil beneath the paver or concrete. If the concrete is not separated from the moisture, as I mentioned in previous blogs, the Concrete  loses it quality, is called concrete cancer.( see wikipedia about concrete concrete)

4- there is a contradictory phenomenon

In paver installation , if we water – proof underneath the paver, even install solid on- the- top sealer, has a kind of contradictory result, the water proofing or the sealer applied on the surface does not let the surface water accumulate in the underground water table, which is the most beneficial result that paver has upon concrete. This of course is not the sole benefit of paver vs concrete, normally paver never crack, while poured concrete cracks in %99 of the cases, even if it is technically correct pour

Paver are removable to fix any possible under ground issues.

If you are installing some concrete in an area properly and correctly

It would be more expensive than paver installation .

The best way to install paver is to go trough all necessary steps, using underneath Plastic sheet with some perforated holes to let the water travels to under ground water table,

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